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Trial use of “Summon Network-level discovery service system”database

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Period of trial usefrom now  to Nov. 5,2018

Platform introduction:

Summon is a kind of order can integrate (1) the library electronic resources, (2) the library collection system, (3) the self-built database, (4) free open access resources, and (5) other special Summon subscriber authorized the use of resources integration of retrieval platform. Readers may, within seconds, access your library's paper-based, electronic and free academic resources by using a single search box. < Note: cannot be retrieved during the trial period (2) library collection system and (3) self-built library >

          Summon used different methods

Over 3 billion records from more than 10,000 content providers, and over 100 content types... It is the most comprehensive discovery service platform with the largest data volume and the most comprehensive data collection in the Chinese and foreign language discovery service system.

KnowledgeWork (knowledge base) : discovery and full text localization use the same knowledge base, based on the comprehensive information of 450 thousand periodicals of Ulrich's and 40 million books of GBIP.

Index Enhanced Direct Linking: 370 publishing houses, 4,000 databases, and 500 million Direct full-text links recorded from the original press.


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