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Trial use of elsevier Reference Modules

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Period of trial usefrom May. 28,2018 to June. 25,2018

1. Trial content:

Elsevier Reference Modules is a product based on elsevier Science Direct platform. There are seven subject databases: chemistry, molecular science and engineering; Earth system and environmental science; Biomedical science; Materials science and materials engineering; Food science; Life science; Neuroscience and biobehavioral psychology. Each subject database is edited and arranged according to the internal structure of the subject, which contains the most comprehensive, freshest and most authoritative subject basic information in the subject field. Keep updating each subject database according to the discipline development, and to provide regular update report,and updating the date/time,marked to ensure that it can reflect the most significant developments in the field of, meet the demand of researchers.

2. Access method:

You can type Reference modules in the search box on the Science Direct platform ( and find them easily in the drop-down menu.

Or, you can log in the following url directly and find all seven database entry

        You can also log in at to find the entry for the Reference Modules series data in the full-text database for access.

the Reference modules and periodical strong, fully cross search, provide the most relevant search results quickly. Related resource links (via Scopus and related journals).

the Reference modules content continue to read, update, create, and mark time. The information in Reference Modules reflects the most important recent development in this field.

each Reference module has a senior editor team of experts,  regularly review and updating of the module content, and the date updating time, ensure it can reflect the most significant developments in the field of, meet the demand of researchers.

the Reference module level design disciplines intuitive and easy to find; Interdisciplinary relations are clearly presented and easy to find and navigate.

easily download and print.

  •7/24 access.

  • there is no limit to the concurrent users.

3. Function of topic page:

       Elsevier Reference Modules provide services to users based on the ScienceDirect platform. The advantage of this integrated platform, not only for the user is already familiar with SD platform convenient use, can also cross search, book and SD database periodicals for more content and information. The function of Topic page makes it more convenient for readers to understand unfamiliar terms, and links from periodicals to books increase the discoverability of books.

      When you browse through an article on SD, you find hyperlinks in many of the articles' terms. Open the link and you'll see the science direct topic page. This topic page consists of three sections. The top left corner is a clear definition of the term. At the top right are other terms associated with it, and hyperlinks on these terms also point to the topic page of the term. Below is the main section of the page, providing more of the most relevant information from the book, the key information at a glance. If you want to Read further, you can find the complete book chapter that contains this section through the Read full chapter link at the end of these fragments. (see figure below)

4. More information enquiries:

If you need more information on ScienceDirect, you can access ScienceDirect information website: (English) to provide the following information:

 use guidelines and tips

 journals and bibliographies

 quick tips and frequently asked questions (faqs)

5. Introduction to elsevier press

Elsevier Elsevier ( is a world leader in science, technology and medical information products and services. Elsevier is part of the rixom group (, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with more than 7,000 employees in more than 70 branches around the world.

Based on the cooperation with the global science and technology and the medical profession, the company each year published more than 2000 kinds of journals, including the lancet and cell and so on world famous journals, has published about 35000 kinds of books, including Elsevier, Academic Press, Morgan Kaufmann, Mosby, Saunders and other famous brand.

Elsevier's main online solutions include ScienceDirect, Scopus, Reaxys, ClinicalKey, Mosby Nursing Suite, which promotes scientific and medical professionals' research efficiency. SciVal et al. help academic and government research institutions assess, develop and implement their research strategies more effectively and maximize benefits.

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