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Arrangements for opening time of the library in the summer vocation

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Arrangements for opening time of the library in the summer vocation

Dear readers:

According to university schedule, the summer vocation for this year is from July 9, 2016 (Saturday) to September 1 (Thursday). In order to provide good library service in summer vocation, the library’s opening time in the summer is as follows:

I. The library will be closed by the afternoon of July 8, 2016

II. The study lounge at the first floor of Changsheng library and the study lounge of Run Run Shaw Library will be open during summer vocation, and the time is 8:00 -22:00

III. Specifics of opening time:

Opening Locations

Opening Departments

Opening dates

Opening time

Run Run Shaw Library

All reading rooms and circulation areas (excluding electronic reading rooms )

 7.11-7.15Monday to Friday),7.18Monday),7.21Thursday),7.25Monday


 8.15Monday),8.18Thursday),8.29-9.1Monday to Thursday


Li Changsheng Library

Social science reading room and  newspaper room at the second floor; Natural science room at the third floor.





Foreign language stack room at the fifth floor

Every Monday morning, July 9 -September 1(excluding 8.22)


Copy room at the first floor

Morning, Monday to Friday, July 9 – September 1


1For any related issues, please contact: Library Office 18950293048 (Teacher Li),13774588081 (Teacher Li);

Li Changsheng Library, Zhang Xiangdong (13655053773),  Zheng Tianhua (15980699701), Wang Hui (13799437818);

Guard of Run Run Shaw Library, Zhou Tianzhong 13023832716, Qiu Mubin 15005049168, Yang Bingshou (15859082378);

2The Taiwan room and conbination periodicals room at Changsheng library will not be open.

3Contact of Sci-tech novelty retrieval: Teacher Zou 18960970262

4Please contact technology department at 83789397 (8:30 -11:30, every morning) for the use of database; the interlibrary loan will be out of service during summer vocation.

5Contact of document delivery: Lin Xiuzhen 13514068160

 IV. The libraries will resume normal opening hours from September 5, 2016 when the new term start.


 July 1, 2016

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