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Trial use of World competitiveness rankings database

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Period of trial usefrom May. 31,2018 to Oct. 31,2018

Basic information of resources:

World Competitiveness Yearbook is one of the World's authority research organization on global Competitiveness, The Lausanne International Institute for Management Development (IMD) published the most famous and the most comprehensive annual report about the national Competitiveness. It designs for the decision makers of the world, to government policymakers, enterprise senior management personnel and academic institutions are essential resources, World Competitiveness Yearbook print publication in June each year.

The world competitiveness rankings online database is the network version database that it develops. It now includes the entire print edition from 2005 to the present, giving the largest enterprise and international investment environment in nearly 60 countries and regions around the world, including the analysis of productivity and education status.

Comprehensive competitiveness rankings

The customized ranking consists of population size, per capita GDP and geographical regions

A standard ranking of more than 300 places

An overview of all 62 countries

Hard data comes from international and national statistics

Soft data comes from polls

    •Ensure accuracy and cooperate with 300 partners worldwide

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