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Trial use of Annual Reiews database

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ProductAnnual Reviews database


Period of trial usefrom now to June. 15,2018

Acess methodIP controlNo concurrent user restrictions

The Annual Reviews series journal is the most cited publication. 2013 JCR collected more than 11000 kinds of journals, Annual Reviews series journal impact factor in its corresponding subject almost all the top 10: in bioengineering, biology, immunology, psychology, neuroscience, pathology and other 20 subjects, there are 18 species of journal impact factor ranked first; The impact factors of the 20 Annual Reviews series are located in the top 100 regardless of academic ranking.

For users to obtain high quality review literature and enjoy more convenient and diversified services, Annual Reviews has developed a web-based database platform. Its contents and platform characteristics are as follows:

 > Data-complete: the full PDF document of all journals can be traced back to the year of creation;
> Authentic and reliable: journal contents are from various authoritative sources and peer-reviewed;
 > The priority access:  the network platform can get the latest published articles before paper;

> Personal favorites collection: collection of users favorite articles, at any time management and use;

> The article recommends:  the system automatically recommend the articles that may be of interest according to the personalized service registration information of each user.

>  Custom service: users can customize the latest publishing content via email.

 The Annual Reviews database profile, journal list and usage guide are available for download at the following website, Please log in the following url to download;pid=79&tid=103&id=233

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