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Trial use of World eBook Library database

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Period of trial usefrom now to July. 16,2018

World eBook Library is established in 1996,it’s headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and has a team of experts from more than 70 countries around the World. World eBook Library adhering to the preservation and dissemination of classical literature, periodicals, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other types of resources for the mission, as early as in 1987,it started in the Library information and promote public culture spread. Which is currently the World's largest provider of electronic books and electronic documents. With nearly 4 million electronic books and a large number of audiobooks and teaching video resources, the resources come from over 200,000 publishing institutions,it’s increasing at a rate of 5,000 titles per month. World eBook Library to save and print the humanities and social science is given priority to, in addition, also including the natural science and industrial technology in the field of classic literature, books, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, manual and other resources. The content of resources covers 33 disciplines, including 152 disciplines (such as literature, history, politics, sociology, education, economics, law, etc.).

IGroup company will publish the database guide topic of WEL database every month. The previous database use guide topic and database usage guide are attached below, you can be downloaded from the website:

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