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Trial use of “Emerald(Management and Engineering)” and“Emerald case set”

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ProductEmerald(Management and Engineering)


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Period of trial usefrom Sep. 21,2017 to Nov. 30,2017

About Emerald Publishing

Emerald Publishing was founded in 1967 to champion new ideas that would advance the research and practice of business and management. Today, we continue to nurture fresh thinking in applied fields where we feel we can make a real difference, now also including health and social care, education and engineering.

Emerald manages a portfolio of nearly 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 1,500 teaching cases.

Emerald Publishing is part of Emerald Group.

Improving the Emerald customer offering

Improving the experience for all customers globally is a priority for Emerald. As a result we have provided a new web platform, improved rankings and plan for increases in yearly article growth and these are just the start of a journey we have undertaken to enhance the customer experience with Emerald.

Supporting education and research

Emerald is a member of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), and actively supports research and education worldwide with a number of awards and research grants. View a list of awards.

Partnerships and collaborations

Emerald works in close collaboration with a number of academic and corporate organizations and associations worldwide, including: the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Academy of Management, the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), the American Library Association (ALA), the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association), amongst others.

Emerald Publishing Limited, registered in England with company number 03080506 and registered office Howard House, Wagon Lane, Bingley,West Yorkshire, BD16 1WA

Management full-text journal library(2000 – present)

Contains 276 academic journals that are reviewed by experts,this library provide up-to-date management research and academic ideas. Related subjects:

Accounting     finance and economics

Business     management and strategy

Public     policy and environmental management


Information     and knowledge management

Education     management

Human     resources and organizational research

Library     research

Tourism     management

Operation     logistics and quality management

Real     estate management and construction environment

Health     and social care

They include well-known periodicals, such as:

European Journal of Marketing《欧洲营销杂志》

Management Decision《管理决策》

The TQM Management《全面质量管理》

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal《供应链管理》

Personnel Review《人事评论》

Engineering full-text journal library(2000 – present)

There are 23 high quality peer-reviewed engineering journals, almost all of them included in SCI and EI. Covering advanced automation, engineering computing, electronic manufacturing and packaging, material science and engineering.

Platform auxiliary resources

Case Study CollectionMore than 2,000 selected case studies from Coca-Cola, IBM, Toyota, Glaxo Smith Kline, Hilton Group, etc.

Literature Review CollectionMore than 700 academic review articles from authoritative academic publications in the field.

Interview CollectionThere are more than 500 think tank of global business and management gurus,which are providing vivid and interesting business people interviews. They are: Peter Drucker, John Kotter, Jim Collins, Richard Pascale, Rosabeth Moss Kanter...
Book Review CollectionMore than 2,600 in-depth reviews have been written for students, teachers and research scholars.

Emerald case set

In 2011, Emerald launched the new resource -Emerald emerging market case set. In 2016, Emerald and two top business schools and associations launched the Emerald case set.

Case constitute: case studies of two top business schools (Kellogg, Darden); Emerald emerging market case (EMCS); The Journal of The American Case institute.

Covered subject: financial accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, management, operation and logistics, international trade, human resources, organizational behavior, etc. Across commerce and management, emerging and mature market economies.

Case number: In 2017, there are 1,558 cases in this case set, they add 100+ cases per year. There are 413 Kellogg schools, 359 Darden schools and 171 in Journal of case.

Case area: 770+ in North America, 470+ in Asia, 120+ in Europe, 60+ in Latin America, 60+ in Africa, Oceania and others;

Examples of content: Amazon, GuGe, Starbucks, Nike, Disney, Lego, Groupon, Netflix, Ikea, Sony, 7-eleven, Toyota, 360, jiuyang, skyworth, geely, wahaha etc.

Case committee: all cases have been peer-reviewed and implemented by the regional review board comprising the editor and the regional editor and more than 130 EAB members from 53 countries.

1)The vast majority of cases include discussions, assignments, and available multimedia resources for use.

2)The authors of each case are from relevant markets and fields, providing the most realistic and timely cases.

3)Integrate with Emerald journal and ebook resources on the unified platform for easy retrieval and browsing.

4)Supports PDF and HTML download formats.

5)Provide different levels of accounts for teachers and students.

6)A permanent access to the content of the subscription after ordering.

7)No concurrent user restrictions; Rent education network special line.

Service support:

Emerald Chinese portal user service, academic publishing, latest activities and project information.

The Emerald platform USES guidelines or contacts:

International journal contributing editor service or contact:

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Emerald resource information platform


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