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Exhibit Insect Artworks, Carry Forward the Characteristic Culture of Agriculture & Forestry

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In order to build a dynamic cultural atmosphere that reflects the characteristics of agriculture and forestry, on November 10, 2017, the Motuo Insect artworks exhibition was held in the hall of second floor in Run Run Shaw Library. It was co-sponsored by the College of Plant Protection, the library, and the Insect Association of College of Plant Protection. The insect artwork exhibited in this event were the ample precious insect specimens that were collected by Liu Changming, faculty of College of Plant Protection, and his team after going deep into the Motuo county, which was in the hinterland of the Yarlung Zangbu grand canyon, and after experiencing landslide, rockfall, leech attack and many other difficulties. The exhibited artworks included wheat-cheirotonus, Tibet Katydids and other 6 orders and 11 families, 21 species. The event organisers hoped that readers can understand the real morphology of insects in a more direct way, and explore the close relationship between insects and human being, and carry forward the characteristics of insect culture in agriculture and forestry.









(The library Xiao Yamin/article/photo)

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