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The Library Invited Wang Ling for the Jinshan Forum of Our University

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In the afternoon of November 9, Wang Ling, Director of Fujian Province Feng Menglong Research Committee, was invited to be a guest speaker in our Jinshan Forum • Humanity Forum, gave a lecture named Appreciate the Literature of Feng Menglong in Lichangsheng academic report hall for our faculty and students. It attracted 180 faculty and students to attend.

Mr. Wang Ling introduced Feng Menglong, the ideologist, litterateur, and dramatist of Ming dynasty, and his life experience, legal literature concepts in a time of chaos caused by war. With emphasis on Sanyan which is short story that reflected the life of citizens, and he also revealed the practical significance of the literature works of Feng Menglong.

This lecturer allowed students to understand excellent traditional Chines culture through popular folk opera stories; under the guide of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress, and lastly the lecture inreased student confidence about our own culture.


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