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The Library held [Nanmu Tinghe] Cultural Salon

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In the evening of October 26, the Library [Nanmu Tinghe] cultural salon--stalls for humanities (series 2) was held in the visual and audio reading room of our library. The theme of this salon was Two Thousands of Kilometers towards the West--A 30 days' trip without plan. This salon invited Peng Xiaoying, Media Director of Fuzhou YDNewmedia Network Technology Co., Ltd for the themed sharing, and more than 110 faculty and students attended.

During the event, our guest speaker Peng Xiaoying shared the story that she started from Beijing towards the west, and self-drove two thousands of kilometers across inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang in 30 days. The students were deeply appealed by the splendid view of the northwestern, the fantastic and erotic things, folk tradition and folk customs during the journey of our guest speaker. While the humorous and vivid language of the guest speaker and her sharing of wonderful photos added erotic demeanors to our cultural salon. During the interaction section in the end, the guest speaker wrote each wish card with her own hands and sent to each student, which touched students with sincerity and attentive heart.

Learning by doing, till the destination of intuitive knowledge; the glory of humanity can blossom during people's travelling. The library's [Nanmu Tinghe] cultural salon will invite more guest speakers to share more interesting and meaningful experiences ofhumanity to our students.


(The LibraryChen Xiaoye/article/photo)


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