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The Library Held Themed Event for Freshman Season

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In order to innovate the orientation service mode of our library, and strengthen freshmen's actual understanding of the library collection, distribution, resource and services provided by the  library to givethem most beautiful impression. On October 14, our library held the FreshmanGo!——Fresh Start, The Journey to Explore Library themed event in Run Run Shaw Library. About 300 students participated in this event.

Using freshmen’s requirement as the core, we arranged warm and interesting place for the event, and emphasized property of participation during each section, and focused on humanistic care in every detail. During the event, we set up cute fresh time machine, playing well in the island of wisdom, Sunshine Workshop of Books, Dream and Enjoyment Room for Rambling, Park for picking up fun from books, honorable village for book lovers in total 6 themed barriers were made. Students took photos as cute fresh photo a group photo with the library on the background, then collected the library pet illustrated handbook and library book with articles and photos, which were specifically printed by the library.  The students then explored the appointment and application of IC space, visual and audio reading room and many other spaces with learning functions, not only that but also  participated in the journey to seek pet by searching books in our stack, and activities including online joint reading. Through a set of barrier-challenge games with integration of knowledge and pleasure and the real-time interaction between online and offline, this event attracted freshmen into the library and fostered their reading interests, and lead them to blend reading into their university life.

Through this method, this event integrated the educational content for freshmen entering the library, and helped the freshmen to first recognize, understand and use the library, and then fall in love with the library.




cute fresh time machine



seek pet in stack room





play well the cloud-based borrowing & reading equipmeent

 (The Library Xiao Yamin/article Chen Xiaoye/Photo)

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