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Professor Xi Wenqian visited our Jinshan Forum as a guest speaker

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During the evening of October 11, Professor Xi Wenqian from College of Chinese Languages and Literature of Fujian Normal University visited our Jinshan Humanity Forum as a guest speaker, and gave a lecture named Origin of Classics at Lichangsheng academic report hall, which attracted more than 240 faculty and students to attend.

Using the classics The Analects of Confucius as a mainline, Professor Xi Wenqian introduced establishment of this classics, and the origin and many stories between Confucius and his students. She also introduced the charm within classics,and shared comprehensive knowledge of golden meaning of Confucius' thoughts, opinions towards the inherit of classics, and the attitude of modern people towards Chinese traditional culture. In the end of the lecture, Professor Xi motivated students with the philosophy thoughts of The Analects of Confucius, and encouraged them to understand virtue and truth in triviality and strive to be the pioneers of our time in calmness.

Lastly this lecture allowed students to explore the origin of classics through constructive stories, and  also deepened their understanding on excellent Chinese traditional culture.





 (The Library Chen Xiaoye/article Mao Yurong/photo)

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