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The Library held [NanMu Tinghe] Cultural Salon --Stalls of Humanity(Series 1) • How to Appreciate Delicacy at Festival

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In the afternoon of September 28, The library [NanMu Tinghe] Cultural Salon--Stalls of Humanity (Series 1) was held in the Learning Space number four of the library. The theme of this salon was appreciate delicacy at festival, This salon invited Zheng Binxin from College of Food Science for a themed sharing, which attracted more than 30 faculty and students to attend.

During the lecture, our guest speaker Zheng Binxin shared with students the origin, development and traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Day of China, related festival in foreign countries, and shared the knowledge on nutrition of festival diets. During the snowy moon cake experience section, the students from Vegetarian Association of our university taught the participant students how to make delicious snowy moon cake by hand. While the students were tasting snowy moon cakes and traditional Guangdong style moon cakes, it shaped an interesting atmosphere ,where student enjoyed drinking jasmine tea, green tea and black tea, which brought an amazing experience of degustator to the students. Both teachers and students expressed their gratitude that the activity met their expectation and warmth about the mid-autumn day while appreciating the delicacies and traditional culture.



Faculty Zheng Binxin was sharing the knowledge about traditional cultural delicacy.


Students were making snowy moon cake


 (The Library  Chen Xiaoye/article/Xiao Yamin/photo)

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