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Trial use of EBSCO database(Economy, Environment, Landscape gardening)

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Period of trial usefrom Dec. 6,2017 to Feb. 31,2018

Websitehttp:// or

After entering the EBSCO retrieval platform,we can see the EBSCO database that our university has purchased and on trial. Click the database name then go into, and if you selectthe first line,you can enter the interface of multi-library selection.


1.Econlit with Full Text,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eoh

Econlit with Full Text is produced by EBSCO and the AEA - American Economic Association. The database includes articles, books, research reports, conference papers and master papers on international economics from 1969 to now. This database's 60 percent of data from international professional journals outside the US, and 99% of the data is written in English. The database is dedicated to providing relevant economic information to various industries and research institutes worldwide, and it applies to researchers, academics, managers and public policy experts.

Econlit with Full Text database not only includes all contents of Econlit, it also included more than 3000 Full-text publications,which including 690 kinds of journals and 17 kinds of economic monographs and conference papers related to economics, at the same time it also provides more than 2300 Working Paper research papers. Database covers the topics include: public economics, econometrics, economic forecasting, environmental economics, the government planning, labor economics, monetary theory, money market, regional economy and urban economy and other related fields and topics. AEA published three top Journals of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspective, American Economic Review, without delay and back to the first volume, so that economists can get first-hand Economic trends in the first place.

2. Environment Complete,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eih

Environment Complete periodical database is a database which covers the fields of Agronomy and Ecosystem ecology, Energy, Natural resources, Marine & freshwater science, Geography, Pollution & waste management, Environmental technology, Environmental laws, Public policy, Social impacts, Urban planning, etc.Environment Complete has more than 2,400 international journals, of which more than 25 million records,and it can dating back to 1988. This database contains full text journals of nearly 1000 kinds (including more than 800 kinds expert review journals , 430 kinds of full-text journals included in SCI of 2010. A lot of these journals,that is commonly used as key journals,are in areas,such as environment, ecology and traditional biology.

The research areas covered in the database include:Agriculture, Ecosystem ecology,Ecology, Energy, Environmental law, Environmental technology, Geography, Marine & freshwater science, Natural resources, Pollution & waste management, Public policy, Renewable energy sources, Social impacts, Urban planning.

In addition, there are over 200 monograph, such as: Encyclopedia of World Environmental History (a total of three volumes), Advances in Water Treatment & Environmental Management. At the same time, this database provides the full text of conference papers of the following well-known associations and conferences: North American Association of Environmental Education, IX International Symposium on Trace Elements in the Environment, International Conference on Waste Technology & Management.

3.Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index™,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=puh

Subject area: Gardening, Garden and landscape design, History, Botany, Ecology, Plant and garden maintenance, Horticulture management and horticulture therapy.

Additional collection in Unique theme: environmental sustainability and landscape design practice.

Source of journal literature: key publications which are published by the United States, international and regional organizations. Nearly 500 journals and 62 specialbooks, total 395 of the core journals, 260 of which are unique in 419,423 records, and it will be updated monthly.

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