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A trial notification of ProQuest language and literature database

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ProductProQuest language and literature database

About ProQuest

Linguistics Collection(语言学学科专辑数据库)(from 1973 to now) 

The database provides full text and bibliographic information on important publications in the field of linguistics published from world renowned publishers, It contains two child library Database content: Linguistics Database and Linguistics and Language behaviors of, LLBA. The library contains more than 600 publications since 1973, of which more than 200 have provided full-text literature, over 6.8 million records. There are a wide range of literatures, including academic journals, trade magazines, books, dissertations, conference papers and manuscripts, etc. The contents of the literature covers the synchronic linguistics and diachronic linguistics, general linguistics, phonetics, philology, semantics, pragmatics, lexicology, lexical Semantics, grammar, writing, rhetoric, translation, lexicography, dialectology, applied linguistics, linguistics teaching and other research fields.

Literature Online(英语文学在线)

The library is the most authoritative and comprehensive database of academic resources in English literature. The database collected more than 350000 English poetry, novel and drama works,these works are from the 8th century up to now .It also include more than 400 English literature full-text journals, and a large number of literature reviews, references and multimedia resources. Lion's literature covers the works of various periods of English literature, contains the medieval period (600-1500) literature, Renaissance literature (1500-1660), American colonial literature and the neoclassical period literature (1607-1785), the romantic period literature and early American literature (1765-1837), a Victorian and American romantic literature, realism literature (1830-1900), period of modern literature (from 1900 to now).

Access: enter Proquest retrieval platformhttp://

The "Trial Database" in the bottom right corner of the home page, click the database name to enter.

As shown below, the Select Language interface will pop up after clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the web page,and then you can select the language of the page.


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