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Notice of JoVE access permissions' opening (JoVE)

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ProductJournal of Visualized Experiments

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About JoVE

JoVE publishes the leading peer-reviewed, PubMed-indexed video methods journal. Articles consist of high-quality video demonstrations and detailed text protocols which facilitate scientific reproducibility and productivity. The scope of the journal includes novel techniques, innovative applications of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols in the physical and life sciences. The content and editorial vision of the journal is advanced by JoVE’s Editorial Board and Science Editors. JoVE’s 2016 impact factor is 1.232.


JoVe (Journal of Visualized Experiments) Iis the press which has published the most experimental video in the field of life medicine science. JoVE ’s headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is close to Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology, Tufts university, Boston university and many other prestigious institutions of higher learning. JoVE press published the JoVE experiment video journal in 2006. It aims to present the research process and achievements of biology, medicine, chemistry and physics in video. JoVE press collection of academic publishing and video production as a whole, they have a professional global photographer team responsible for the contents of JoVE experimental video recording, editing and post-processing.And they have a authoritative editorial team is responsible for editing, reviews and published articles. The contents of video journal are 100% peer-reviewed, and video and articles are included in the triple review process: editorial review, animal protection consultant review (animal experiment) and peer review.


In 2016, JoVE experimental video journal published a total of 13 subjects album, a total of nearly 6500 experimental video and more than 6500 articles, they cover the biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, environment, etc. In these fields, experimental video in the field of life sciences has attracted wide attention from researchers and scholars. JoVE experiment video is from more than 10 countries and regions’ research institutes, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia and so on.

1.Subscription content:

(B) Biology album

(BE) Bioengineering album

(C) Chemistry album

(E) Environment science album

(DB) Developmental Biology album

The new album: G-Genetics (Access rights are given free of charge until Dec. 31, 2018)

The new album: Bc-biochemistry (Access rights are given free of charge until Dec. 31, 2018)

2.Authorization way:

The following two methods can be used to achieve a visit to the JoVE experiment video:

(1) IP address authorization, the IP address of our school has been authorized.

(2) Use the mail box which ends with our school's domain name( to register your account, you can access JoVE resources by entering your account and password. Please select '' which in the drop-down box of  'Sign In',that on our home page top right corner, then you can complete registration.

3.Instructions of use:

Click access JoVE web According to the directory, you can into the corresponding album and then access corresponding video album. Or you can search you interested keyword in the search bar of the web site (in English), the system will give the corresponding series of video, the user can choose to watch. We are a total of more than 6500 scientific experiments video, there are about 10% of the video is free open video. The remaining 90% video need to subscribe or have the right to watch in the trial period.

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