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Trial use of ASP Academic Video Online

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ProductASP Academic Video Online


Period of trial usefrom now to Jan. 31,2018


About ASP Academic Video Online

Alexander Street, L.L.C. (ASP Academic Video Online)was founded in May 2000, with the goal of publishing large-scale digital collections of exceptional quality in the humanities and social sciences.

In 2011, ASP launched our largest video collection to date—VAST: Academic Video Online. VAST contains more than 16,500 titles across all disciplines, all cross-searchable, making it a one-stop, multidisciplinary solution for libraries. More materials are added monthly—ensuring that it stays current.

Today, Alexander Street publishes more than 80 collections totaling many millions of pages, audio tracks, videos, images, and playlists. They’re concentrating on building the best collections they can across the curriculum—in literature; music; women's history; black history; psychological counseling and therapy; social and cultural history; drama, medical, theatre, film, and the performing arts; religion; sociology; and other emerging areas.

Alexander Street products have won significant recognition, including awards for “Best New Product” and “Best Content” fromThe Charleston Advisor; numerous appearances onLibrary Journal’s “Best of the Year” lists; “Product of the Month” from theHistory News Network; manyChoice“Outstanding Academic Title” awards; and consistently excellent reviews in library journals.

Database features:

1. Domestic readers can use more than 32,000 complete video

2. Multilingual interface: Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.

3. Through the same interface, all video's interactive retrieval can be realized, and multiple video retrieval  function choices are provided.

4. The video search results provide the thumbnail of snapshot for 15 seconds, and the user can scan the video  results quickly.

5. The academic video content is fully copied and fully indexed.

6. Video audio text synchronization highlighting in video playback is better than video subtitles for research

     and academic applications.

7. The reader can edit video in the database, and make a personalized video clip and add comments.The 

    individual playlists they can also create.

8. The training class video provides the teaching materials download function for teachers and students to use.

9. All personalised clips and video lists provide static URL address that users can refer to in papers, courseware, blogs, and social networking sites for sharing.

10. Users can receive new video content at any time during the subscription period.

11. Provide mobile browsing support for mobile phone and mobile terminal to browse video content.

12. Flexible ordering. You can purchase the sub-database according to the annual order, or you can purchase the sub-database according to your major.


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