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Trial use of SciFinder and Registration instructions

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SciFinder Search URL:



Period of trial usefrom Oct. 11,2017 to Nov. 10,2017 (30 days of probation)

About SciFinder

SciFinder ® is produced by the Chemical of Service(CAS),CAS is a subsidiary of American Chemical Society(ACS).Whic is a research and development application platform,and to provide the world's largest and most authoritative chemistry and related literature, material and reaction information. SciFinder covers chemical and related fields, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, agronomy, physics and other disciplines, interdisciplinary scientific and technological information. The literature types included in SciFinder is journals, patents, conference papers, degree papers, books, technical reports, reviews, and network resources.

Through SciFinder, you can:

Access to the world's largest and daily updated of chemical substances, reactions, patents and journal databases that built by CAS global scientists, it will help you make smarter decisions.

Access to a range of retrieval and selection options, easy to retrieve, filter, analyze, and plan to quickly obtain the best results you need for your research, thus saving you valuable research time.

There is no need to worry about missing critical research information, and SciFinder contains information that is publicly disclosed, high quality, and from reliable sources. You can obtain and retrieve the following database information through SciFinder: CAplusSM (literature database), CAS REGISTRYSM (material information database), CASREACT ® (chemical reaction database), MARPAT ® (markku assorted structure patent information database), CHEMLIST ® (controlled chemicals information database), CHEMCATS ® (chemical business information database), MEDLINE ® (the U.S. national library of medicine database).

PatentPakTM, a patent workflow solution, has been launched in SciFinder, it can help users quickly locate hard-to-find chemical information in the full text of the patent.

Notes for SciFinder registration:

Before using SciFinder, readers must register with the school's domain email address (@*.,after registering, system will automatically send a link to you for what you have to fill out the email mailbox, it can activate the link to complete registration. Refer to "The SciFinder registration instructions" .


SciFinder Registered address:


Search guide:
For use of SciFinder, please log in, you can see the introduction and use of the presentation.


Special tips:

1. If there is no operation for 20 minutes after entering the system, the system will automatically disconnect you from the server.

2. SciFinder is frequently updated, please keep an eye on the library or the American chemical digest homepage.

3. Pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, use the database reasonably, prohibit excessive downloading, and prohibit use in the commercial organizations.

4. The SciFinder database has concurrent user restrictions. Click Sign Out to exit the system after retrieval.

5. When filling in the registration information, the Last Name part must complete the full spelling of the Chinese spelling of Last Name, and the First Name part must complete the Chinese spelling of Name. Otherwise, the account will fail quickly.

6. During the use of the problem, please refer to "The SciFinder FAQ" . If not, please fill out "The SciFinder problem report".doc and send it to


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