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Trial use of EBookMall-Library

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Period of trial usefrom now to Dec. 31,2017


About EBookMall-Library

EBookMall is the leader of the U.S. e-book network retailer, which is based in Nevada, California, and Chinese name: YiBuKeMaiLe company. It’s website ( founded on July 4, 2000. Which initially offered only 2,000 e-books, now it offers tens of thousands of e-books available and is still growing fast. Besides provide their readers with ebook EBookMall,writer was provided with ebook conversion software, cover design, publicity, and many other services, cheap and fast services enable many writers to publish their works in the form of e-books. EBookMall offers up to 10 ebook reading formats, each with its own features and advantages.


EBM project introduction

1. Social science database:

This database contains: business economy, international law, social science, world history, American history, philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, music, military, political and others published in recent years or published online.The database contains more than 70,000 volumes of these new books.

2. Literature database:

This version of the database is my company's top database, which contains world famous literature [Such as: War and peace(Russia) Leo Tolstoy, Notre Dame DE Paris(France) Hugo,ChildhoodHere on earthMy university(Russia) gorky, Wuthering heights(UK) EmilyBronte, DavidCopperfield(UK) dickens,The red and the black (France) stendhal, les miserables (France) Hugo,Anna karenina(Russian) Leo Tolstoy,JohnChristopher(France) Romain Rolland, Gone with the wind(United States) MargaretMitchell],the famous philosophy, language arts, collected a lot of English literature, biography and writer collection, linguistic reference books, dictionaries, British and American literature review and bibliography information more than 25000 copies.

3. Introduction of technology database:

The library is a collection of the world's general science and technology books and popular science books. Connotation: physics, chemistry, mathematics and other basic science and computer hardware, software, system, construction engineering, design, machinery, manufacturing, industrial technology, etc. 34000.

4. Introduction of biomedicine data:

The library includes general and abnormal diseases and symptoms; Specific issues [Such as SARS and avian influenza]; New research and areas of development [Such as: metabolic syndrome and d-dimer testing]; Use DynaMed’s doctors and professional advice, etc. In view of the clinical needs and ease of use, systematic arrangements of DynaMed ‘s contents include: Illness description (It covers the the ICD - 9 codes), Causes and Risk Factors, Complications and Associated the Conditions, History of disease, physical, Diagnosis and Prognosis, Treatment, Prevention and Screening, Reference (including reviews and guidelines), Patient Information and Included in the studies of biological cells and more than 25000 copies, more than 25,000 copies have been recorded.

5. Introduction of agriculture, forestry, livestockand fishery database:

The database is the most specialized agricultural database, and its contents cover international related subjects such as agriculture, forestry and life science. Subject involving animals and crop management, animals and plants, crop protection, , genetics, forestry engineering, economics, animal medicine, human nutrition, and the development of poor areas, and so on. The database contains 10000 volumes.

6. Comprehensive library database:

The library contains a total of 20,000 volumes, including total class and library science.

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