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Institution Setting

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Head of Department:

Huang Yanhe, Li Xiuhui, Qiu Rongji, Ye Dapeng, Zeng Bingsheng


Compositive Sector

Contacts: Jiang Hansen

Tel: 0591-83789056


Dean's Office

Contacts: Yu Jianhui

Tel: 0591-83789237, 83720106


Dept. of Practical Teaching and Lab Management

Contacts: Huang Shunrong

Tel: 0591-83789315


Dept. of Faculty

Contacts: Guo Ying

Tel: 0591-83789235


Dept. of Teaching

Contacts: Chen Yifang

Tel: 0591-83799527


Office of Teaching Quality Management

Contacts: Chen Hua

Tel: 0591-83799527


Admission Office

Contacts: Zeng Haibin

Tel: 0591-83789216


Office of Higher Education Research

Contacts: Huang Min

Tel: 0591-83842154


Teaching Material and Service Center

Contacts: Xu Jiansong

Tel: 0591-83789235

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