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FAFU Held the Opening Ceremony for 2017 Group International Students

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On the morning of September 26th, the opening ceremony for 2017 group international students in FAFU was held in Li Chang Sheng Conference Centre. Vice President Baodong Zheng attended it. Representatives from Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, related colleges and Overseas Education College, Immigration officer of Fuzhou Entry and Exit Department and all 2017 International Students attended in the ceremony as well.

Vice President Baodong Zheng gave an ebullient speech in the ceremony. He not only introduced the achievement of university internationalization in recent years, but also came up with several hopes and requirements to the freshmen: Firstly, fitting in Chinese life positively in comprehending Chinese culture to adjust the life in China quickly. Secondly, studying hard is not only to overcomethe transnational language, but also to learn professional knowledge. Thirdly, communicating with others initiatively. Freshmen should know about brilliant and gorgeous Chinese culture. In the meanwhile, they could also exchange the culture of their own countries with their teachers and students as friendly envoys between the two states to make contribution in carrying out the strategy of the Belt and Road (B&R). In the end, Vice President Baodong sincerely wishes that all international students live a healthy, happy, secure and successful oversea life.

  In the ceremony, Markofrom Serbia the representative of the junior made a speech in Chinese and English fluently. He shared his own life and experience about studying at FAFU during the past year. He hoped that the freshmen from diverse backgrounds, cultures and language would obtain new knowledge, make new friends and enjoy the colorful life in FAFU. Yankey from Ghana, on behalf of the freshmen, made a presentation. He shared the reason of why he chose China, chose Fujian and chose FAFU. And he expressed that before coming to China, he expected to come to this beautiful and historic state a lot. He hoped that after obtaining the knowledge in China, he would make contribution in constructing his own nation.

 In the second half of the ceremony, FAFU hosted entrance education for international students. Immigration officer of Fuzhou Entry and Exit Department and the police in Huai'an police station in Fujian province were both invited to explain the issues of passports and visas details and showed the safety education. Meanwhile, the relative staffs in OEC gave the detail explanation and introduction about the common issues of common life management and academic education and the relative standard of management.

It is reported that this year 60 international students were recruited. So far, we have more than 203 international students from 47 countries at FAFU campus.



Correspondent: Xiurong Chen ; Liqing Wei

Translator:  Jianfeng Huang

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