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The thirteenth “International Lecture” KICKED OFF: Bona Kim from Mount Saint Vincent University lectured

 Time: 2017-09-29  Author:   

September 28, Bona Kim, a teacher from Mount Saint Vincent University(MSVU) of Canada, was invited to deliver a lecture on higher education in Canada in room 401 at Xi Qiang Building. Nearly 150 exchange-program students attended the lecture.

Kim briefly introduced the location of MSVU as well as the natural landscape of the campus through beautiful pictures, and gave an introduction of Halifax City, where MSVU is situated. Then Kim focused on explaining main reasons that attract students to choose MSVU. Based on advantages of MSVU, she analyzed the outstanding academic projects of the university, enjoyable student service and public facilities, abundant financial aid and scholarship, etc. She also emphasized how significantly their advanced teaching pattern and beautiful campus environment influence on the students ' learning.

During the interaction, the attendeescouldn’t wait to ask questions. Kim answered questions in detail on the condition of Canadian higher education, career options for students after graduation.

The lectures ended with a video of tourism management in MSVU.

Students are highly participated in the lecture, which had a profound influence on helping  to understand the cooperative university and inspired learning enthusiasm.

Translator: Yizheng Wang   Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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