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Faculty and students from Texas A&M University successfully completed teaching at FAFU

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On May 21st, 2017, thirteen faculty and students from Texas A&M University (TAMU) arrived smoothly at FAFU, and then carried out one-month teaching activities.

Two TAMU professors-Daniel Ebbole and Won-Bo Shim taught International Perspectives on Environmental Issues and Plant Pathology respectively, and offered course resources to some FAFU attendees. In the spare time of major study, our university provided them with some courses to enjoy traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese, Tai Chi, tea, Juncao and bee sciences, and field trips to MountShou, MountWuyi, and Beijing. These experience courses provided a window through which foreign faculty and students learn more about FAFU and China, to promote cross-cultural exchanges and bilateral students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese and American cultures.

It is reported that the program has been undertaken for five years on end, and involved over 100 participants at home and abroad, boosting cooperation and communication between two universities.


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