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OEC held a farewell meeting for 2017 program students studying in Canada

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        On the morning of June 3rd, OEC held a farewell meeting for 2017 program students at multi-function hall of College Students Service and Development Center. Attendees included OEC Party and government leaders, faculty from college office, teaching administration office and student management office, class advisers and 35 program students. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Xiaohui Li, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.   

        Ms. Peifen Zhuang, OEC Executive Vice Dean, came to address at the meeting. She sent  congratulations to students for what they have achieved in the past two years. She also made a wish for their overseas journey that students should establish themselves as international talents by combining what they have mastered and advanced international way of thinking. Students were also advised to always keep motherland in mind and serve her with enthusiasm and competence, and be strict with themselves to set up positive images and spiritual outlook as FAFU students.  
        On behalf of all program students, Liu Qi, Lin Jianan, Xiao Zhi and Tian Yongzhen delivered speeches respectively. They reviewed their study life abroad from different perspectives,  and simultaneously expressed their gratitude to OEC’s persistent efforts to cultivate international students. They also gave a thumb up to OEC’s clear and careful arrangement for their overseas study and life, spoke highly of what Sino-Canadian cooperation programs had achieved, and expressed their determination to grow up in great vigor.  


        Professor Zhixiong Luo, Secretary of the Party Committee, analyzed the status quo of studying abroad on basis of a set of real data, and better planned their overseas study by considering general and personal situation. He also guided students to make a mental adjustment to such issues as the differences in studying at home and abroad, the definition of intentional talents, to help them better adapt to foreign studying, overcome their own shortcomings and upgrade competitiveness. In the end, Prof. Zhixiong Luo called on all students to seize the opportunity of “Two Centenary Goals”, concern themselves with motherland, cultivated family-and-country feelings, study hard and strive to be successful, and therefore laid the foundation of achieving “Two Centenary Goals” and personal values.
After the meeting, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Xiaohui Li and the registrar of the OEC, Su Haiyan made the explanations on the safety of studying abroad, student management and teaching arrangement.


Translator: Jingjing Zheng  Reviewer: Liqing Wei


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