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OEC teachers and students celebrated Dragon Boat Festival

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On May 26th, our college was permeated with cheering and laughing, coupled with the fragrance of reed leaves. When the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching, our staff union organized a series of Celebrating Dragon Boat Festivalactivities, in order to carry forward traditional Chinese culture and construct civilized campus. This celebration was highlighted by the participation of foreign friends at school. By competing for wrapping up Zongzi, commemorating the death ofa Chinese ancient people,Qu Yuan and Happy Birthdayactivities, participants made Zongzi together, recited poems and appreciated Chinese culture, thus creating the traditional festive atmosphere.



   Prior to the celebration, the staff union made the venue elaborately decorated by hanging wormwood on doors and arranging balloons, and prepared ingredients such as glutinous rice, reed leaves, straw ropes, and peanuts. In terms of rules, participants would be divided into four groups- Glutinous Rice, Reed Leaves, Zongzi and Wormwood Leaves, each of which was led by a Zongzi-making expert. The judges would give their scores based on the speed, the degree of tight seal and aesthetic qualities of the finished 15 Zongzis. 




At 1:00 pm of that day, the event began with group leaders’ demonstrating steps and skills for beginners. In the course of making Zongzi, participants had a pleasant chat about traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival, the origin of Zongzi, and variations of making Zongzi. Foreign friends were also elated for their first attempt at making Zongzi under the guidance of Chinese teachers. In an intense competition among groups, three of them finally won “Outstanding Contribution Prize”, “the Best Cooperation Prize” and “the Best Teamwork Award” respectively.  



    After the competition, participants enjoyed the fruits of their labour while watching the introduction to the festival and appreciating Qu Yuan’s poetry. College leaders conferred awards and prizes upon winners and took a photo to mark the occasion.  
    At the meantime, the college union organized the “Happy Birthday” activity at the first half of 2017. The union gave faculty and staff best wishes, and presented delicately prepared birthday cards for them.
    The rich variety of “Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival” activities promoted traditional Chinese culture. Moreover, the activities created a festive spirit by observing traditional customs, enhanced the friendship between Chinese and foreign friends, and rendered participants harvest the fun of cooperation and collaboration.


Translator: Jingjing Zheng  Reviewer: Liqing Wei


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