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OEC held 2017 farewell for program students and international students

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On the evening of May 13th, 2017 OEC farewell forprogram students and foreign graduate students was held at Student Development Center. Nearly 400 spectators attended the gala including OEC party and government leaders, faculty, staff, program students and foreign students.

OEC Executive Vice-dean Peifen Zhuang delivered a speech. After reviewing the growth of students at home and abroad at FAFU, she advised program students to cherish the chance to go abroad, and as always carry forward enterprising and patriotic spirit. She also wished foreign students to succeed in study and start a new future.

The gala began with the cup dance played by students at Youth League. The emotionally-charged poetry recitation of Farewell to Chunhui Bridge sketched the contours of colorful campus life. You Suppose Know, sung by Steve, reaffirmed the belief that African people are talented singers and dancers. Duo performance Self-introduction set audience roaring with laughter. Jazz dance displayed the spirit of our students’ brilliant youth. A rap song Airplanes also aroused active responses from audience. The comedy Waiting for you reminded students of their struggling journey of preparing for IELTS on Qiuzhi Road. The ballad Zebra, Zebra added a sense of sorrow to each other’s parting. A Vietnamesestudent Chuleeporn performed a distinctive solo dance Esarn Hansa. No Difference, chorused by both domestic and overseas students, demonstrated their mutual growth and progress. In the meantime, an elaborately recorded video was endowed with sincere wishes not only to program students but international students. Finally a Song Mix Room ended finalized the gala.

The farewell party “Never Say Goodbye” centered on the themes of cultivating international talents, and growing together as one family in harmony. It characterized multiculturea blend of the western and Chinese styles, and created a new era of Sino-Canadian cooperation.


Translator: Jingjing ZhengReviewer: Liqing Wei


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