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Introduced Course ---- Molecular Biology

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Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski, professor from Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, gives lectures on Molecular Biology to our Group 2015 students majoring in Horticulture and Agricultural Resources and Environment this semester, and Ms. Sherry Matheson guides labs. Ms. Yanli Yang, from Life Science College of FAFU, acts as co-instructor.  Prof. Gefu Wang-Pruski has very rich experiences of teaching and she is good at making her class lively and interesting. She is strict with students and make sure that students can master what she teaches in class. And also she gives detailed introduction of Canadian classes and how to adapt to the study in Canada quickly. Ms. Sherry Matheson guides the labs and teaches students how to write lab reports. All the students agree  that they will benefit from what they learn from two instructors all their lives.



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