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Fire Drill was held at OEC

 Time: 2017-05-11  Author:   

With the approach of the 9th “5.12” disaster prevention and reduction day, the fire drill was carried out successfully at overseas student apartment under the guidance of Security Department’s staff. This drill was aimed at strengthening the awareness of fire safety and self-relief capacity, and enhancing stringency organization abilities. There were 100-strong participants including Prof. Zhixiong Luo, Mr. Xiaohui Li, political cadres, Chinese and international students.

The fire drill consisted of evacuation drill and usage of fire extinguishers. Before the drill, Mr. Dongping Deng of Security Department gave a detailed explanation on urgent evacuation when the fire happened, the usage of fire extinguishers, and set an example of self-rescue and escape skills. Under his guidance, students evacuated to open field in good order and also practiced fireextinguishingdrill in groups.

It is reported that OEC attaches great importance to students’ safety education, not only creating Contingency Plan for Fire Safety of Overseas Student Apartments, but also carrying out some regular activities such as safety education, potential risks identification and fire drills. The successful implementation of fire drill serves as the practice and supplement of Contingency Plan. By this drill, our overseas students were equipped with a more profound understanding of fire safety, and felt the dangers of the fire and the necessity to enhance personal safety awareness. In the mean time, they mastered the necessary knowledge of escaping from fire.


Translator: Jingjing ZhengReviewer: Liqing Wei



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