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Shanwei Qiu was awarded with scholarship for master degree by the government of Nova Scotia ,Canada

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Recently, good news came from Dalhousie University, Canada that government of Nova Skocia ,Canada provided ShanWei Qiu, a student of our college with a scholarship of $20,000 (approx. 110,000 yuan) for his further study in master degree of aquatic research in Dalhousie University. Qiu is one of the students who enrolled in our college in 2013. In September 2015, he went to Dalhousie University for further study in aquatic research. During his two-campus study period, he inspired himself and made great efforts, awarded with Yan Jiaxian highest scholarship of FAFU, Outstanding Student Leader of FAFU, National Endeavor Scholarship, Freshmen scholarships of Dalhousie and so on.


It is reported that the scholarship from government of Nova Scotia is to attract and retain outstanding graduates and to encourage students to explore , discover and create. Applicants are required to provide university official transcripts and have at least a total of 3.7 or more GPA. Students in the following areas have priority to be awarded with the nomination awards : marine science and technology, information and communication technology, clean technology (including material research), financial services research, life sciences, aerospace and defense, social innovation, etc. The evaluation criteria are: academic performance (GPA ) accounts for 50%, research capacity accounts for 30%, communication and interpersonal relationships and leadership capacity accounts for 20%. Nominees (masters) will receive a scholarships of CAD $20,000.

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