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Dr. Adam Polinko from UBC gives lectures on Natural Resources Conservation and English Communication

 Time: 2017-05-10  Author:   

Dr. Adam Polinko from UBC gives lectures on “Natural Resource Conservation and English Communication” to students of Group 2016 majoring in Ecology. Dr. Yuzhe Wang, from College of Forestry (FAFU), acted as co-instructor for this course.

This is an introductory course in forestry, natural resource conservation and English communication. The goal of this course is to provide experiences in scientific writing and English communication by introducing fundamental lessons of forestry and natural resource conservation, which will be helpful for further study on other UBC courses.

Dr. Adam Polinko has rich research experience in forest ecosystems and is familiar with the function and management strategy of forest ecosystem in North America. He also has great teaching experience. He is good at illustrating abstract concepts in simple terms, as well as involving and inspiring students on his class. With great interactions between instructor and students, the teaching goals were well achieved.

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