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“March 5,Lei Feng's Day”—“Starts From the Little”

 Time: 2017-04-27  Author:   

Known as the “Lei Feng Day”, the Volunteer Service Department of OEC held activities on March 5th together with the Youth Association of College of Resources and Environment.

During the activities, the volunteers went to do some cleaning in the sandbeach park, and classified the garbage as well. To spread the idea of reusing waste materials and  “Lei Feng” spirit, the volunteers also folded the wasted paper into trash bins for tourists. Some of the volunteers taught children how to fold trash bins with paper, how to classify garbage, which cultivates the awareness of protecting environment. Additionally, in the afternoon, the volunteers took an oath of learning Lei Feng spirit in front of his Statue in Baimahe Park.

Therefore, by participating in the activities, the volunteers experienced the real meaning behind Lei Feng spirit in terms of morality.

Correspondent:Junpeng Ji. Translator: Yangqian Qi. Reviewer:  Liqing Wei


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