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OEC held the 8th English dubbing competition of FAFU

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In order to enrich the cultural connotation of campus and make the atmosphere of English-learning more vigorous, the 8th English dubbing competition of FAFU was successfully held by the Youth league committee of our college.


The competition had the preliminary and the final two sections, 55 teams from fourteen colleges, more than 100 students enthusiastically participated in this competition. And 10 teams made it to the final through excited contentions of free dubbing.


The final was held in the multi-function hall of FAFU on April 15th. Nicole, an experienced teacher in spoken English of OEC, Jeff Morton, a teacher from Dalhousie University and foreign students Sheka Ramadan Bangura were invited as judges. The final includes free dubbing and improvised dubbing, two parts. During the free dubbing section, teams tried their best and demonstrated their own skills. After a humorous introduction, the contestants quickly integrated themselves into films, presenting a wonderful visual feast. Most of films selected were very famous and well-known such as Lion King, Forrest Gump and so on. In the section of improvised dubbing, teams dubbed clips of films picked at random after twenty-minutes' preparation. This section requested contestants good English proficiency to improvise. Every team had calm mentality and profound language skills, which were highly appreciated by judges.

After competition, team “Magic sound should be fan” from College of  Crop Science won the first prize; team “Puppies” from College of Humanities and Law, team “Potatoes” of College of Resources and Environment won the second prize; team Braised Rice ,team Dragon Yi and team Ugly Orange of OEC won the third prize and the rest of teams won the outstanding performance award.

It is reported that OEC has already held English dubbing competition of FAFU for eight consecutive sessions. As a creative and new type of competition, it combines English-learning with joyfully playing, designed to dig out student’s enthusiasms in learning English as well as improve their spoken English, it also provides a platform for students to express themselves and further promote the campus cultural construction.

Translator: Yizheng Wang   Reviewer: Liqing Wei


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