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OEC Held the Academic Atmosphere Construction Meeting

 Time: 2017-04-07  Author:   

On the afternoon of March 24th, the Academic Atmosphere Construction Meeting was held in Room 305. Xiaohui Li, the Deputy Secretary of Communist Party Committee of OEC attended the meeting, together with the representatives of counselors, as well as “Study Pioneer Award” winners from each grade.

The students generally commented on the current academic atmosphere construction, from the perspective of Sino-Canadian programs, the management of teaching, and student services as well. It was agreed that the double-campus cultivation mode, abundant resources of bilingual teaching, and multiple platforms provided by the “secondary classes” has been allowing students to broaden their international horizons, and making education resources home and abroad reachable. Therefore, students can target at successfully becoming international talents through hard working in a good academic atmosphere. In addition, many suggestions are given to promote the course arrangement and student services.

Xiaohui Li congratulated the students on winning awards, gave recognitions to their achievements during last semester, and appreciated the students' good habits of self-directed learning and thinking independently. Meanwhile, he hoped that students could do feedback to the OEC constantly, in order to improve the teaching and educating. He wished the students could keep working hard, and influence others positively.

Correspondent: Lianjuan Su, Yan Liu. Translator: Yangqian Qi. Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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