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The tenth of “Outstanding alumni’s Experience sharing Lecture” KICK OFF!

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March 26, 2017, the tenth of “Outstanding alumni Lecture” was held in Yan 3-101.We were glad to have Yicong Luo, who attended OEC, FAFU in 2012 and now has graduated from Dalhousie University,  to share her experience of studying and living overseas.


According to study experience of her own, Luo gave a share from pre-preparing, school fitting-in, major studying, living management, career planning, academic development with students. She laid great emphasis on setting specific goals, digging out potential in conjunction of one’s own interest, actively integrating into multi-cultural context and having all-round abilities developed. ‘Good IETLS grades never means enough language ability in English’, she referred, ‘Skills of linguistic application are supposed to be polished during the interaction with others.’ Luo particularly pointed out that students in OEC should enhance academic well-being and self management, raising awareness of difference between studying in and abroad.


The interaction afterwards aimed at questions concerning major choosing and job orientation, which were brought up by students, Luo gave detailed explanation and offered practical advice such as learning to make most of web resources and getting well with professor, in combination with photos taken during her school time. The whole lecture kept moving on in a lively atmosphere.


It’s reported that Yicong Luo has received offers from University of Alberta and McGill University in Master of Economics.


Outstanding alumni Lecture in OEC invited excellent alumi face to face to communicate with juniors based on their own experience, leading to clarification on goals and dreams.

Translator: Yizheng Wang   Reviewer:Liqing Wei

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