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Activities in English Corners in OEC have unfolded successively

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Since March, activities in English Corners in OEC have unfolded successively. The Student Union invited Mrs. Rachel, an English-speaking expert of Global Education & Technology on March.8th and Nicole, an Canadian English teacher on March.18th to give the students some advice.


On the evening of March.8th ,Mrs. Rachel analyzed tendency of IELTS Exam of 2017, imparting learning skills of English speaking and sharing experience about how to interact with an interviewer. During the activities, Mrs. Rachel illustrated some common mistakes made by her students and corrected them in detailed, which gave students much help.


On the evening of March.18th , activities of English Corners started on the topic of ‘celebrities in your hometown’ based on a heated discussion with students organized by Nicole before through vividly descriping many kinds of celebrations in her and her students' hometowns. The Q&A time pushed the atmosphere to a climax.


Activities in English Corners in OEC making the most of resources in FAFU, are organized on a regular basis, aiming at inspiring students potential and interests in English learning and improve their abilities and skills in using English.

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