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Landscape Architecture Students takes on the practicum of “Turf Grass Production and Management”

 Time: 2016-12-19  Author:   

        The second-year students of Landscape Architecture visited the Minhou’s local golf club for their practicum of “Turf grass Production and Management” on December 15, led by two faculty members of Arts and Landscape Architecture Ying Chen and Lan Chen together with the Dalhousie University’s instructor Jeff Morton.


        The practicum covered the following contents: 1) know the overview of turf grass used in golf course; 2) learn the techniques for the turf grass maintenance, including fertilization, irrigation, pruning, ventilation, etc; 3) watch the machinery operation of pruning and ventilation 4) watch the practice area, putting green, tee ground, fairway and rough. Through the visit of the golf course in person, the students believed twice the results were accomplished with half of the efforts by this close integration of theory and practice. 

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