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OEC Carried Out Oversize Electric Bike Supervision

 Time: 2016-12-16  Author:   

In the afternoon of December 9th 2016, OEC in conjunction with department of traffic management of the school security department carried a supervision ofoversize and illegal bikes used by international students. The traffic personnel educated the students and demonstrated instances where the use of oversize bikes have caused accidents and advises against it’s use.

International students who are still using oversize electric bikes and those with illegal engine bikes were asked to dispose them as soon as possible and were also reminded by Kuanshun Wang the security instructor that it’s of the interest to follow the rules for their own safety, knowing fully well that failure to follow the guidelines provided by the school authority regarding the use of E-bikes will attract some punishment which were made known to them in detail.

The aim of this supervision is to make the students to be more aware of the use of E-bike policies and the students compliance will be monitored in order to protect the safety of other students and establishment of a harmonious campus.

  Correspodent: Jianfeng Huang  Translator: Chris


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