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FAFU Fourth Culture Festival and Ninth Dubbing Competition in English successfully held

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In order to activate English learning atmosphere, improve English proficiency, enrich students campus life,provide a platform to develop students’ personal qualities and enhance the understanding of FAFU campus culture. Recently, the OEC Youth League Committee successfully held the 4th English culture festival and the 9th English dubbing competition of FAFU. 61 teams from 14 colleges over the university participated in this competition. The preliminary competition was held on April 15, and the teams presented their own voice recordings with videos. The competition went on in order and the contestants were in high spirits and enthusiasm.

After hours of intense competition, 15 teams made it to the final. The final fell on May 6 in the multi-function hall. Jeff, Nicole, Rachel were invited as judges.

The final was divided into individual competition and team competition, and there were two parts: free dubbing and improvisation dubbing.

The first part required the contestants to use the optional silencing video for dubbing contest and collect the judges ' scoring after the end of the session.

In the second part, contestants were required to perform improvisational dubbing using film and television clips randomly selected by the organizer. During this period, they were free to prepare for 10-15 minutes and then judges' scoring was collected after the end of the session.

The game lasted for several hours, contestants were graceful, and natural, naturally into the film scene, or humorous, or impassioned, exerted all the tricks. The present judges and the audience were impressed by their authentic English styles.

The contest lasted for several hours. The contestants were impassioned and natural. They naturally integrated themselves into the film and drama scenes, presenting excellent English skills of FAFU students. The film clips in competition included classic films such as blade runner, as well as hilarious clips such as Zootopia, which gave the audience a wonderful audio-visual feast.

After the competition, the judges made comments and pointed out some deficiencies and also expressed their recognition and expectation to the students.

After a wonderful show, ' Magic Sound Fan ' was awarded with the first Prize,’Super dope’ won the Second Prize, 'What you said are all right ' and 'Invalid Name ' were awarded with the Third Prize. Among which, ' magic sound fan ' won the best team award. And “Leonardo DiCaprio 88th annual Oscar award speech”performed by Mingxing Guo of OEC won the individual First Prize, “Snow white” performed by Xiaoling Wu won the individual Second Prize. Junyi Lin and Ping Lin both won the individual Third Prizes for “The Secret of Kells and The Secret of pets”. Among which, Junyi Lin also won the best creative individual award.

Translator: Wang Yizheng  Reviewer: Wei Liqing


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