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OEC held safety meeting before students’ field trip

 Time: 2018-04-28  Author:   

Recently, our school held a safety meeting for the second-year students majoring in Landscape Architecture before their field trip to the cities of Zhangzhou and Xiamen. The meeting was hosted by the instructor, Yan Liu. The meeting focused on pre-departure preparation, traffic safety, food and property safety, heatstroke prevention,anti-mosquito and disciplines during the field trip.

It is reported that overseas college attaches great importance to the safety of students and keeps a close eye on teaching and learning management. First, to timely keep an eye on the moves of students, and inform students’ parents through wechat group; second, to hold a pre-safety education meeting to re-emphasize the safety of field trips, and sign the field trip safety commitment; the third, to arrange college personnel to participate in the whole process of teaching practice, ensuring the safety of students’ field trip.

Translator: Wang Yizheng  Reviewer: Wei Liqing

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