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OEC organized students to honor Mr. Yan Jiaxian on the eve of Tomb-Sweeping Day

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On the morning of April 3, on the occasion of the tomb-sweeping day, the students of OEC visited the statue of Mr. Yan Jiaxian at Yifu Library in Xia’an, FAFU Jinshan Campus. They deeply remembered the founder of the Fujian Provincial Agricultural College, Yan Jiaxian.

Together with other teachers and students of other colleges, they presented flowers, and bowed to the bronze statue of Mr. Yan Jiaxian to pay respect.

Liu Guanxi, deputy secretary of the Student Youth League Committee of OEC, introduced deeds of Mr. Yan during the period of the Anti-Japanese War to the first-year student representatives. Under the arduous economic conditions and living material shortage, Yan still worked hard ,studied diligently, and enabled the Agricultural College to get on the right track in a short time. With outstanding contributions, President Yan had spared no effort for the agricultural education and agricultural development in Fujian. The participants were moved in this memorial event, saying that they should follow Mr. Yan’s spirit, braving facing challenges, studying hard to grow into a useful personin agriculture and forestry.

Through the memorial event, the students, while appreciating the extraordinary history, realized that today's beautiful life and stable learning environment did not come easily. The determination and motivation of being more positive, striving and energetic were aroused.

Translator: Wang Yizheng Reviewer: Wei Liqing

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