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OEC held the first SMF for Chinese and foreign students

 Time: 2018-04-05  Author:   

In response to the call of “three walks” and to enhance the interaction between Chinese and foreign students, the first sports meeting for fun (SMF) for Chinese and foreign students were held in the North District Athletics Field on the afternoon of April 1. Various professional teams and foreign students from the university attended the activity.

This sports meeting set up two-people-three-leg relays, tearing brands, ball dodging, tug-of-war and other four fun projects. Dodging balls and tearing brands were set up to test balance, flexibility and responsiveness. The two-people-three-leg relays demanded same pace and close unity and good cooperation. The final tug-of-war competition made the games reach a climax. The cheerleaders and the students were cheering on the team they supported.

The event was organized by OEC’s YLCministry of sports ,assisted by other departments of the OEC Student Union. It was a complete success.It added beautiful colors to the entire campus. It also deepened the mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign students, which narrowed distance and enhanced friendship.

Translator: Wang Yizheng Reviewer: Wei Liqing

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