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OEC held a farewell meeting for students studying abroad this fall

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A farewell meeting for FAFU-Canadian program students studying in Canada this fall was held June 9 at Changsheng Conference Hall. OEC leaders, staffers from related offices, class advisers and fifty nine program students were in attendance. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Xiaohui Li, Deputy Secretary of CPC committee.

Peifen Zhuang, OEC Executive Vice Dean, addressed the meeting. She sent congratulations to students for their achivements at FAFU campus and wished all the students cherish their youth, be ambitious to grow themselves into optimistic, confident international talents by grasping opportunities,prospects and challenges in the next studying stage in Canada.


Yichen Wu, Guanxin Liu, Ziwei Zhang Rui Sun and Yiyu Zhang gave speeches respectively on behalf of all the students in three different groups under the Sino-Canadian programs. The first is a group of students having studied abroad, the second is to study in Canada this fall and the third is to finish the rest courses at FAFU. They shared studying experiences abroad, or reviewed their study life on FAFU campus from different perspectives. All student speakers expressed their gratitude to OEC’s persistent efforts in cultivating them as talents with an international vision.


Zhixiong Luo, Party Secretary of the Committee, made the remarks at the meeting with sincere wishes, expectations and congratulations to all the students and their parents.


Some detailed instructions on security, student management, and teaching arrangement were offered to the students at the end of the meeting.

As known, FAFU-Canadian Programs include four double-campus undergraduate programs in Agricultural Resources and Environment, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture with Dalhousie University, and Ecology with University of British Columbia. This fall, a total of fifty-nine students will study on campuses of Truro, Halifax and Vancouver in Canada.


Correspondents: Zhixing Zhang, Weicheng Li

Translator: Liqing Wei


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