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UNACH delegation in Ecuador visited OEC

 Time: 2018-06-06  Author:   

Nicolay Samaniego Erazo, President of Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo (UNACH) in Ecuador, South America., visited the OEC of FAFU at 5-6pm, May 21st.


The Deans and representatives of College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, College of Computer and Information Sciences and OEC were in attendance.  

The OEC extended a warm welcome to Nicolay Samaniego Erazo’s delegation. President Nicolay Samaniego Erazo said that UNACH attached great importance to the friendship and connection with FAFU after a FAFU’s visit to UNACH two years ago. He hoped to learn from FAFU’s experiences and strengthen the cooperation between two universities through this visit. After brief introductions to the relevant colleges by the deans, both sides exchanged ideas and shared interests on how to cooperate in both education and research.


As known, a cooperative memo and a cooperative agreement on academic research workshops between FAFU and UNACH were signed at a meeting held earlier in Mingde Building where FAFU President Siren Lan and Vice President Baodong Zheng met with the delegation.


The delegation’s schedule also included visits to National Engineering Research Center of JunCao Technology, Haixia Institute of Science and Technology, Institute of Applied Ecology, College of Comuputer and Information Sciences, and Overseas Education College at FAFU.


Correspondent: Jianfeng Huang

Translator: Liqing Wei


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