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Congratulations to DAL-FAFU Program students for being awarded Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship-Agriculture

 Time: 2018-05-29  Author:   

Nine students have been selected as recipients of the Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship-Agriculture for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Chen Xinyi, Hu Yixiao, Liang Yixiao, Tu Hua, Wu Qinhong,Yu Sixian, Zhang Kairui, Zhang Ziwei, and Zhou Jingwei respectively majoring in Hort., ARE. and LA. from Dalhousie-FAFU Programs were awarded Dalhousie Entrance Scholarship-Agriculture. The aggregate amount of the Scholarship is 55,000 yuan (CAD$11,000). The award ceremony was held May 29 at the OEC on FAFU campus.  Jeff Morton, a respected instructor,granted the Scholarship on behalf of Agricultural Campus of Dalhousie University.

Dean Zhuang addressed the ceremony to express congratulations and best wishes to all the winners. Four recipient representatives gave speeches about their gratitudes and resolution. 

This award has the objective of encouraging academic excellence for Dalhousie attendees for a Bsc. degree in Canada.

The Entrance Scholarship has been awarded per year to the Program students on FAFU campus since the first group of students from the Program was sent to Dalhousie in 2005.


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