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FAFU VP. Baodong Zheng met with AVP. Paula Mercer,MSVU

 Time: 2018-05-02  Author:   

As scheduled, FAFU VP. Baodong Zheng met with AVP Paula on April 25 to updateFAFU-MSVU joint educational program and envisioned further partnership especially on graduate education. The Assistant Trade Commissioner, Surnamed Xiao, from Canadian Trade Office in Xiamen City of Fujian Province, the OICE and OEC representatives of FAFU were in attendance.



 Prior to this meeting, AVP Paula met with OEC administration to bring up to date program development and met OEC first-year and second-year students through giving presentations, introducing the study life at MSVU.



   Paula also visited Jinshan College, FAFU to participate activities related to further educational cooperation.

   Since 2010, FAFU has sent seventy-three students attending MSVU to study for degrees majoring in Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality, Accounting, Applied Human Nutrition, and Human Resource Management. Twenty nine of them have graduated from the MSVU by October, 2017.

Correspondents: Xin Chen

Translator: Liqing Wei


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