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Dr. Prithiviraj, Associate Dean of Dalhousie Agricultural Campus visited FAFU

 Time: 2018-04-10  Author:   

On April 9th, Vice President Baodong Zheng of FAFU met with Dr.Prithiviraj, Associate Dean,International, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Mingde Building. The heads for Office of International Cooperation and ExchangeOICE, Graduate School and Overseas Education College attended the meeting.

Baodong Zheng, on behalf of FAFU, extended a warm welcome. He said three joint educational programs have been well operating based on a nice and long-term FAFU-DAL partnership. Baodong Zheng said that in FAFU's "Double-Top " university construction, FAFU will continue promoting “FAFU-Dalhousie joint PhD cooperation in order to boom the construction for “peak” and “plateau” disciplines.


Dr. Prithiviraj highly appreciated FAFU for the long-term support and reported the latest developments on doctoral program construction of Dalhousie Agricultural Campus. Dr. Prithiviraj also delivered a warm invitation to FAFU delegation to attend the celebration for Dalhousie’s 200th Anniversary this May.


After the meeting, both sides had a further and detailed discussion on FAFU-Dalhousie PhD cooperation with relevant colleges in attendance.


In addition, Dr.Prithiviraj expressed his hope to push forward scientific research cooperation between the two universities after visiting “FAFU-Dalhousie joint Lab”, Haixia Research Institute, Haixia Institute of Ecological Engineering on FAFU Jinshan Campus.

Correspondent: Xin Chen

          Translator: Zhou Shen; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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