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MSVU professor teaching at FAFU

 Time: 2018-03-20  Author:   

          Gabrielle (Gabie) Durepos, Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), Canada, visited FAFU for her teaching of Introduction to Buiness to the first-year ARE and HORT students. Dr. Xiaojing Liu was the co-lecturer and assisted her in teaching.


        Garielle Durepos, the Professor from Department of Business and Tourism at MSVU, served as the co-editor of serveral academic journals and is very experienced in teaching. Since the partnership between FAFU and MSVU was first established, she has been teaching to OEC students for three years long and her earnest, disciplined attitude and diversified teaching approaches won warm appraise from students.   

Correspondent:Dianlong Chen, Translator:Dianlong Chen   

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