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OEC Youth League Committee carried out photography competition

 Time: 2017-11-06  Author:   

In order to enable freshmen to familiarize themselves with the campus as soon as possible, encourage returning students to find new ideas in the familiar scenery, and use cameras to record beautiful scenery on campus to celebrate the university's anniversary and the 19th National Congress, OEC Youth League Committee carried out a photography competition.

The competition required freshmen to combine their ideas with the people or scenes in campus to photograph based on the theme. For second-year and third-year students, they were required to photograph plants as the main body, and consolidated their knowledge and expertise in plant observation. A total of 34 submitted photos were received for this competition, which reflected the beauty of our campus in many aspects and from different perspectives.These photos showed excellent achievements of FAFU campus construction. After assessment, Qinnan Hong, Jiamin Xue, Xiuling Chen and other 15 students won awards.

The competition motivated students to get close to the nature and encouragedstudents to enhance aesthetic accomplishment.

Translator: Yizheng Wang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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