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The Red Cross carried out first aid training for our students

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In real life, injuries and other accidents caused by neglect of safety awareness occurs frequently. According to the current situation of low popularity of first aid methods, the Red Cross association of our university conducted emergency rescue training activities for our students on November 12th. This activity provided a good opportunity for students to receive primary health care training and acquire basic first aid knowledge. Our students responded positively to the training. At first, the staff of Red Cross introduced the origins, development, aims and principles of Red Cross, so that students could have a more profound and comprehensive understanding of theRed Cross. Followed by simple bandaging skills training, detailed explanation and guidance , students gradually mastered various forms of bandaging methods of injury. On the afternoon, the Red Cross members used PPT to explain the various forms of sudden injuries that students often encounter in daily life, such as burns and scalds, heat stroke and so on, and described the methods to deal with them. After that, the teachers started to teach students how to perform CPR and demonstrate CPR steps on the spot. In the evening, the students applied what they hadlearned to theoretical exams and achieved good results. They further understood the Red Cross and mastered the knowledge and skills of first aid treatment methods.


Translator: Yizheng Wang, Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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