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OEC carried out ‘Warm winter action’ to condole needy students

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On January 10th, OEC held ‘Warm winter action’ meeting to condole needy students.

The meeting announced the name list of students who were awarded with National Encouragement Scholarship and received social financial supports in 2017. Also, students who were awarded with ‘Jiamin’ Encouragement Scholarship were praised during the meeting.

Xinyi Hu, a winner of National Encouragement Scholarship and Rui Sun, a winner of ‘Jiamin’ Encouragement Scholarship delivered their speeches as student representatives. In the speeches, they summarized the hard work that was made and progress that was achieved in their study and daily life in the past year. They also expressed their appreciation for the concern of society and college to them and their determination to continue to be diligent and enterprising.

Xiaohui Li, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of OEC, handed out New year subsidies to all the needy students and made a concluding speech in the end.

He expressed his appreciation to needy students for their spirits to overcome difficulties and work hard. In light of present situation of our college in recent years, Li raised four hopes for students: First, correct attitude towards difficulties; Second, build up confidence; Third, develop a good life style; Fourth, be in gratitude.

The meeting ended with words of Jinping Xi, Chinese General Secretary that ’Happiness comes out through struggle’ . Xiaohui Li encouraged everyone to make further progress in 2018.

Translator: Yizheng Wang; Reviewer: Liqing Wei

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